Brampton Pro-Fix 20/20 24 Hour Shafting Epoxy 8 oz Kit

Brampton Pro-Fix 20/20 24 Hour Shafting Epoxy 8 oz Kit


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This is a kit of two 4 oz. bottles (8 total ounces of epoxy when mixed). PRO-FIX 20/20 forms a tough bond that provides very high impact resistance and shear strength. The two component adhesive is mixed 1:1 by volume and has a 20-30 minute work life and a 20 hour cure at room temperature. Color is an off-white.

This product is our best seller because of its outstanding performance and versatility. Pro-Fix 20/20 gives aerospace quality bonds at an affordable price. Follow the 5 steps below to ensure a proper bond.

  1. Mix equal parts of Part A and Part B by volume.
  2. Mix thoroughly until the product has a uniform off-white color.
  3. Spread adhesive inside of the hosel with a round dowel or suitable applicator.
  4. Spread a thin layer over tip-prepared shaft (grit-sanded) and examine for complete coverage.
  5. Insert the shaft into the hosel with a slight twist and align. Clean excess adhesive off with alcohol. Leave undisturbed to cure.

Technical Specifications

  • Superior structural properties
  • Very high impact resistant
  • Excellent adhesion on steel, graphite, titanium, composites
  • Full Performance from -50F to 180F
  • Easy cleanup

Customer Reviews

very good
It works,not much more to say.
Price / Value
Review by Lloyd / (Posted on 6/19/2017)
Product worked as promised. 24 hrs. I was using the club.
Used these with the Epoxy to reattach PW head to shaft that came off. Worked as expected. The cost of the Epoxy and Beads was less than having the head reattached by a pro shop. And I still have enough product left for 8-10 more clubs. Great DIY product.
Price / Value
Review by Mark / (Posted on 5/3/2017)

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