Custom Golf Clubs vs Off-The-Rack



We're all different. Golfers are no exception. It's one thing that makes the world so interesting, don't you think?  Our bodies are different too.  Male, female, short, tall, long arms, big hands, you name it. Some of us are young and strong, some older and don't have the strength we once had.  Some of us have silky smooth golf swings and some not-so-very smooth. And unfortunately some of us have bad backs, arthritis, and other health problems that really should affect the golf equipment we use to best suit our game. Off-the-rack golf clubs don't take into account these differences and needs. 

When you buy from, you have many choices of clubheads, lofts, shafts, shaft materials, shaft flex, grips, club lengths, even shaft-dampening inserts.  And when you buy here, you can be assured that we've done our homework to make sure you're getting the best bang for your buck.  Value is what we were concerned with when we started this business years ago, and value is still our top priority.  If you're concerned about quality, believe us when we say that quality is what we consider the biggest part of value. The clubs you buy here we play ourselves, and if there were better clubs out there, we'd be playing them.  The clubs we sell also often feature the latest design and technology features that can help your game. Sure, off-the-rack clubs, that is, the "major" higher priced brands, are often high quality, you'll get no argument from us there.  But our clubs are also high quality clubs, in some cases even better quality than those major brands. As is so often true in life, the price just does not tell the whole story. If you're one of those folks that think that only price or brand determines value, you're at the wrong website. We're also very proud of the workmanship of our clubmakers.  We've seen some major brand clubs that, upon inspection, have been poorly assembled.

Most of the cost difference between Value Golf's custom made golf clubs and the more expensive off-the-rack clubs is in the marketing expenses. Oftentimes the major brands have huge outlays for having tour pros play their clubs, not to mention TV and print ads that cost many thousands of dollars.  In addition, some major brands pay retailers to feature (or "push") their brands over others.  "Shelf space" is precious to off-the-rack brands.  And, they recoup that money from you, the buyer.  Value Golf's advertising budget is very small.  Our main source of advertising is word-of-mouth.  Friends tell friends about the quality and workmanship in the clubs they've purchased from us.  And that's something that we're very proud of. 

The bottom line is, we believe that with custom made golf clubs from Value Golf, you will improve your game and enjoy it more!   And, we'll venture to say, all at a price only a fraction of what you'd pay for off-the-rack.