Integra Heater III Belly Putter Head

Integra Heater III Belly Putter Head


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Have your customers asked you to build them a belly putter yet? If it hasn't happened yet, it will! Or maybe you want to try one for yourself? Either way, one major trend in golf right now is the emergence of the belly. For example, last year on the PGA Tour, 4% of the players were using an overlength putter. This year that number jumped to a whopping 16%, and growing!

Let's face it, if PGA pros (who can putt infinitely better than us regular joes) are switching to this method – there is merit to it. Why are they so effective?

Because they anchor against your abdomen, take the wrists completely out of play, and allow for an accurate, back and through pendulum stroke. It eliminates a major variable in putting, your wrist movement.

If you have 2 minutes, this is a nice YouTube video to give you the basics.

This Integra Heater III belly putter component head is a great one to try for these reasons: It has a milled aluminum face insert that reduces 'skidding'. It also features a five line alignment system to eliminate yet another variable, your lineup. Finally it is finished off with a beautiful white color that is incredibly popular right now.

This head has a 90 degree bore. Buy the recommended Apollo Triple Bend Belly Putter Shaft here.

Technical Specifications

Club Putter
Lie 90°
Weight (grams) 450
Hosel ID .370

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