Lamkin Comfort PLUS Midsize Grips

Lamkin Comfort PLUS Midsize Grips


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The Lamkin Comfort PLUS midsize grip, made of a proprietary rubber compound that is both comfortably soft and exceptionally durable, is a very comfortable alternative to polyurethane golf grips. This grip is made with Lamkin’s new DSX material, and has been developed to provide a super soft feel that lasts round after round.

The grip’s shallow 'micro-texture' pattern offers the ideal amount of surface traction for golfers who prefer that feel of a softer, more comfortable grip without sacrificing performance. The unique manufacturing process Lamkin uses, and an unbuffed finish deliver an extremely tacky grip surface and responsive feel.

This midsize grip has a straighter profile, with a slightly larger lower hand, which promotes the ideal light grip pressure for greater consistency and control.

Technical Specifications

Weight 57 grams
Core .600
Thickness +1/16

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