Lamkin TS1 Midsize Grips

Lamkin TS1 Midsize Grips


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The TS1 Midsize grip from Lamkin is a distinctive, high-performance grip. The TS1 combines functional micro-textures with proprietary, hybrid materials to deliver exceptional feel and performance. The materials used are slightly softer than traditional rubbers with exceptional durability and torsion control.

Dual compound construction with a "control zone" in the lower hand enhances grip confidence and eliminates unnecessary grip tension. As most good golfers know, proper grip tension is necessary for a fluid, smooth swing.

The TS1 Midsize features micro-texture technology with multiple functional surface patterns that are designed to optimize torsional stability and grip control. This is where performance and feel unite!

Technical Specifications

Weight 57 grams
Core .600
Thickness +1/16

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