Lamkin UTx Midsize Gray Cord Grip

Lamkin UTx Midsize Gray Cord Grip


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The Lamkin UTx Cord Midsize grip is not like the harsh-feeling cord grips of the past. This a revolutionary multi-layer golf grip that takes all-weather performance and great-feeling playability to a new extreme.

Using Lamkins's proprietary Tri-Layer technology, UTx grips give exceptional traction while still providing great comfort in all playing conditions. This grip blends three unique materials to create the perfect-feeling grip.

Lamkin's softer ACE foundation gives enhanced comfort and feel. The subtle full-cord fabric weave wicks moisture and increases grip traction. The firmer outer layer of ACE material provides superior torsion control and vibration dampening. Outstanding all-weather performance and ideal in humid and wet conditions.

Like all Lamkin grips, the UTX Midsize is designed to promote the ideal light-pressure swing for longer and more consistent shots. We're sure you'll believe this is the highest quality, best feeling full-cord grip on the market.

Technical Specifications

Weight 63 grams
Core .580
Thickness +1/16

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