Lamkin Z5 Black/Gray Midsize Grip

Lamkin Z5 Black/Gray Midsize Grip


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The sharp-looking Lamkin Z5 Black and Gray Midsize grip features five unique "zones" specifically engineered to promote proper hand placement and a correct light pressure grip with each swing of the club.

This grip's multi-compound foundation is combined with a network of textures and patterns that deliver enhanced comfort, control and consistency. The intricate horizontal pattern and subtle cotton weave in the upper zones are designed for exceptional traction and slip-free confidence. "FingerLock panels" in the middle zone are designed to secure the golfer's thumb in a consistent, solid position through the swing. And shallow 'micro texture' in the bottom zones provide a smoother, more comfortable feel in the non-glove/lower hand.

Using the Lamkin Z5 Black and Gray grip is almost like cheating! These functional alignment features promote a consistent and repeatable set up and swing. The Z5 Black and Gray also gives outstanding all-weather performance and is especially good in humid and wet conditions. Made with a highly durable, proprietary rubber compound delivering maximum torsion control and feedback.

Technical Specifications

Weight 60 grams
Core .580

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