What do you guarantee?

At Value Golf, we believe that the quality of our components and assembly are unmatched. The chances of a defective club passing though our hands to you is negligible. However, in the unlikely event a club is defective through normal use by you, the customer, we will replace it within 1 year of purchase. 

What is your return policy?

No return will be accepted without a return authorization number (RAN) issued by Value Golf, and the original invoice. There will be no refund of shipping and handling charges on non-defective merchandise. We will accept returns on components other than those determined to be defective for a period of 30 days, however, you will be responsible for return shipping and a 30% restocking fee. For returns on assembled clubs, please see our 30 Day Playability Guarantee.

Will you adjust the lie or loft of my irons?

Yes, but any adjustment to the loft or lie of an iron head voids all warranties. Most of our irons can be adjusted for loft and lie at any time, however Value Golf cannot verify the competence of the adjuster if we don't do the bending in-house. Therefore we will not be held responsible for damage incurred or failure of the club in that case.

What about when there is a backorder?

Orders received first are given first consideration. Orders are filled as promptly as possible. If a back order situation occurs, we will notify you as early as possible and give you the option of canceling the order or having us fill the order when supply allows.

Do you charge sales tax?

Only in the state of Pennsylvania, which is 6%. If you are a business, you may file a tax exemption with us and you will not have to pay tax.

How quickly do you ship?

All in-stock components are shipped ASAP, in many instances the same day. 99% of component orders are processed within 2 business days, and if there is a delay beyond that, we will let you know via Email or a phone call. If you are ordering custom clubs, your clubs usually ship within 7 days from the time you order unless otherwise noted in the description of the club or clubs. Keep in mind that with custom clubs, they have to be picked, built, cure, be cut and gripped, and shipped. This process takes time. If we anticipate any unusual delays in building your new clubs, we will be sure to contact you. Please note that the shipping speed you select only relates to the speed of the shipping itself. It does not have anything to do with the time it will take to assemble your clubs.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we ship all over the world! Priority Mail International (the USPS) and UPS Worldwide Expedited are your shipping choices when checking out. On some small lightweight packages you will be able to choose USPS First Class International for a lower price. Your packages are mailed from Girard, PA Postal Code: 16417

Will you price match a competitor?

We will price match any competitor on components that are advertised on their website. This would only apply to identical products. We will not price match an eBay auction, a special, a promotion, or a limited time offer. Internet competition offers must include shipping and handling charges as the basis for comparison.

We will NOT price match a competitor on assembled clubs. Not all assembled clubs are created equally (some are not even assembled in the USA), and simply put, we spend more time on our builds than most competitors. If you are looking for cheap, cut and glue type clubs, we are not the place for you.

We reserve the right to refuse to sell any product that is below our cost.

What happens if I order something where you've made a pricing mistake or a mistake in the product description?

Occasionally, a pricing error may occur on our website (we are human, after all). In such cases we will not be obliged to supply the goods at the incorrect price. We reserve the right to correct any errors we have made in pricing or description. We will, at our discretion, either cancel your order and refund the price you have paid or use reasonable endeavors to contact you and ask you whether you wish to continue with the order at the correct price. If we are unable to contact you or you do not wish to continue with the order at the correct price, we will cancel your order and refund the price you have paid. The legally binding contract between Value Golf and our customers does not happen at the point of order, at the point of us charging your credit card, or at the point of you receiving an email confirmation of your order. The legally binding contract for us to sell you merchandise occurs at the point of delivery of the merchandise.

What is the “spine align” option on assembled clubs?   

To put it in simple terms, every golf shaft has a “spine” that results from the manufacturing process. A steel shaft starts out as a flat piece that is rolled into a circle and welded. This weld is a “spine”. Some graphite shafts are also “rolled” in this manner with the same result.

This is what Tom Wishon has to say, arguably the most knowledgeable on technical issues when it comes to golf equipment:

"It is a fact that all shafts -- steel and graphite -- have some degree of spine," says Tom Wishon, (formerly chief technical officer for Golfsmith). "This is because it is impossible to make a shaft which has perfectly symmetrical bending properties all the way up, down and around the shaft for the prices demanded by the consumer. Therefore, no shaft bends the exact same amount under the exact same force in all directions."

Wishon explains that by identifying the inconsistencies of the shafts and installing the shafts in the clubhead so that their effect is neutralized by proper orientation toward the target, the shaft will bend on the same plane as the golfer's swing.

So that's what we offer at Value Golf. For a fee, we will put the shafts you want in our spine finder, orient the spines in a position in relation to the clubhead that we believe will give you the most consistency possible.

To put it in simple terms, we locate the spine with our spine finder, and “get it out of the way” of your swing path by our install in the proper position. Please note that on a graphite shaft, the graphics will usually not be aligned "normally" if you choose this option - they will likely be lined up differently from shaft to shaft.