Pure DTX Reminder Ribbed Titanium Gray Grip

Pure DTX Reminder Ribbed Titanium Gray Grip


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The PURE DTX Titanium Gray is an incredible grip in every way! It provides the best of both worlds: combination of a rough-like texture with the patented tackiness that PURE is famous for. Gives you all the benefits of a cord grip without that hard, 'tear up your hand' type feel.

Slippage with the DTX is absolutely out of the question, especially in this 'reminder ribbed' version, and PURE's seamless molding rubber technology is unparalleled. All PURE grips are made in their Arizona plant in the United States with superior materials.

You may ask: "How is it possible you have Pure DTX Reminder Ribbed grips? Nobody else does!" Here's your answer: Value Golf is one of the largest PURE Distributors in the world, and at large expense, we had PURE manufacture these specifically for our company. You won't find them anywhere else! To top that, instead of price gouging, we still sell these at the lowest price allowed by PURE!

Technical Specifications

Weight 48 grams
Core .600

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