PURE Golf Grips

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PURE golf grips are designed to create that perfect, "pure" feel every time you swing the club. Pure has applied cutting edge technology to the only place where golfers connect with their clubs: the grip. Their proprietary, 100% rubber formula used on Pure Pro grips, DTX grips, and the Pure Wrap grips is extremely durable, and terrific in humid or wet conditions. Pure putter grips also use this same proprietary material. Pure is one of the best value grips on the market. PURE Grips makes the only colored grips on the market NOT made from polymers, plastics, and silicone. Check out Pure Grips reviews on the internet to see the buzz about these quality grips. All PURE Grips are made in their manufacturing plant in the United States. (almost all of their competitor's grips are made in China or Mexico) These high quality grips are made for the purist in you!