Pure Pro Titanium Gray Midsize Grip

Pure Pro Titanium Gray Midsize Grip


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The PURE Pro Titanium Gray Midsize grip is a semi-firm feeling velvet-style grip, with a uniform tacky “traction groove” surface. This innovative process gives this grip an optimum feel and provides a high level of moisture and heat resistance.

This is a great grip to play under all conditions. PURE’s injection mold technology ensures that all their grips are extremely durable and have the best feel on the market. All PURE grips are made to industry leading +/- 1 gram weight tolerances. PURE  grips are revolutionizing the golf grip market! Try a few today and see the ways PURE Grips can improve your game!

Unlike competitor’s grips that are made in China or Mexico, PURE Grips are made in the USA.

Play better. Play PURE.

Technical Specifications

Weight 59 grams
Core .600
Thickness +1/16

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