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Pinhawk SL Single Length Iron Heads

Product Review (submitted on July 9, 2017):
I bought a set of these from Valuegolf the first week they came out, this is my second review after a year of using the clubs. My experience with Valuegolf was excellent - in fact I only ordered 9 heads but got 10 (didn't expect a LW, but it's finding a place in my bag for flop shots off the top of a hill on a tight green, thanks. I started out with shafts that were too stiff, and my initial thoughts were that I lost distance compared to my conventional length clubs, I added a 4 and 5 hybrid to my set and that helped fill the gaps of distance - this head really performs well with shots slightly picked off the turf and a flexible tip shaft. Your divit should be less than a beaver tail with lots of roots showing, making the length of your shaft is very important. I have tried a couple different shafts and I would recommend any shaft that has a reputation of playing a little softer. I ended up pulling the 4 iron out of my bag and replacing it with the single length hybrid 4. I had previously played a set of kzg evolution forged irons and had to learn to strike the ball properly to use them. This set has forced me to learn ball striking on a different level. It has also helped me to learn and play a few shots I never would have tried with my previous set. Despite my mention of ball stricking affecting my shots, I have never had more confidence chosing a club to challenge a flag hidden behind a bunker. The distance gapping of the irons is excellent, I get 100 yards with a PW and 150 with an 8 iron - exactly what I had with the forged irons. I'm struggling with consistency with my 5 and 6 irons, but a little bit more disciplined take away and transition would have me striking the ball more effectively. I chose to try this single length phenomenon because I wanted precision in my distance gapping, and I have achieved that. My scores have dropped ten strokes in one season with numerous birdie putting opportunities (my putter is next to be replaced with a few lessons and some extended practice) I would recommend Pinhawk to anyone who wants consistency with distance gapping and is willing to put in a bit of effort to perfect a single swing.