Sand Blaster Wedge Heads

Sand Blaster Wedge Heads


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This Sand Blaster wedge head is a weapon from any sand trap. Dual sole technology lets it glide like skis in the water, "gliding" across the sand or even rough! A unique hollow two piece construction lets the sole width be increased dramatically and makes this possibly the most forgiving sand wedge on the face of the earth!

Works in soft or firm sand, and even for chipping and pitching around the green. Designed with a negative offset ("face-forward") feature which helps those who have a tendency to sweep the ball and makes it virtually shank proof. It also has a deep face and an ultra-wide, convex sole.

You'll regain confidence in that short-game and lower your score with the Sand Blaster Wedge!

Technical Specifications

Club Gap
Loft 52°
Lie 64°
Hosel size .370
Offset (mm) -4.5

Customer Reviews

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very good
Price / Value
Review by Tom / (Posted on 9/12/2017)
The Miracle Stick!
So you know that guy who is stuck in a cloud of sand and profanity while you and your friends lean on your putters and laugh at him? I'm that guy. I have to say - at the risk of sounding like an infomercial - the Sandblaster is a miracle-stick. My first trip to the bunker yesterday, an hour after it was swing, and I am a meter from the hole. Seriously. I had no one behind me, so tossed 3 more balls out my pocket and hit three more - all out. Some closer than others..but ALL OUT. I love this thing. On yesterday's round, I got out of every single bunker on my first swing, and that has never happened before. By my third bunker, I started thinking 'where should I put this?' - this is a big thing for me! A week ago all I was doing was praying to be 'out', not even considering 'where'. It's fair to say that this is not a head/stick for "real players", I'm sure for guys who like to work the ball out, vary their spin and so forth, this isn't the club for you. For scrubs like me, it's a god-send.
Price / Value
Review by Matt / (Posted on 7/28/2017)

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