Spine Aligning

Spine Aligning: What is it? To put it in simple terms, every golf shaft has a “spine” that results from the manufacturing process. A steel shaft starts out as a flat piece that is rolled into a circle and welded. This weld is a “spine”. Some graphite shafts are also “rolled” in this manner with the same result.

This is what Tom Wishon has to say, arguably the most knowledgeable on technical issues when it comes to golf equipment:

"It is a fact that all shafts -- steel and graphite -- have some degree of spine," says Tom Wishon, (formerly chief technical officer for Golfsmith). "This is because it is impossible to make a shaft which has perfectly symmetrical bending properties all the way up, down and around the shaft for the prices demanded by the consumer. Therefore, no shaft bends the exact same amount under the exact same force in all directions."

Wishon explains that by identifying the inconsistencies of the shafts and installing the shafts in the clubhead so that their effect is neutralized by proper orientation toward the target, the shaft will bend exactly on the same plane as the golfer's swing.

So that's what we offer at Value Golf. For a fee of $5.00 per club, we will put the shafts you want in our spine finder, and orient the spines in a position in relation to the clubhead that we (and most in the golf industry) believe will give you the most consistency possible.

To put it in simple terms, we locate the spine with our spine finder, and “get it out of the way” of your swing path by our install in the proper position.Please note that on a graphite shaft, the graphics will usually not be aligned "normally" if you choose this option.

Prosoft Vibration Dampening Inserts: What are they you ask? Well, as the name indicates, these are 8 inch long foam inserts that are installed with a special tool in the butt end of the golf shaft. The foam insert adds incredible dampening of vibration on shots that dig into the turf (irons, fairway woods, hybrids, wedges).

You may have heard the term "Sensicore", a word True Temper uses for a similar process. Here's the difference though... True Temper charges a $5.20 upgrade to upgrade a Dynamic Gold shaft into one installed with Sensicore.... we are charging only $3.00 per club. Not only do we charge less, but the Prosoft does a better job of dampening because it has more material than a Sensicore insert.

The Prosoft inserts do not change the clubs playability at all, as they weigh virtually nothing. It’s an inexpensive way to add a ton of feel to a golf club.