Tacki Mac Knurled Wrap Grip

Tacki Mac Knurled Wrap Grip


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Tacki-Mac Knurled Wrap has a special, computer-designed knurled-texture pattern to give the golfer confidence to grip the golf club with the correct grip pressure (not too tightly, which inhibits your swing and makes it more difficult to put a smooth, fluid swing on the ball).

This is actually a pretty soft feeling grip, but the texture pattern lets you know that you can loosen that death grip that is the bane of many an amateur golfer. The material wears well, so these grips last a long time and are a tremendous value.

A dependable grip, no matter whether its cold, hot, wet, or dry out. Made from a high quality thermo plastic rubber, which gives the grip that nice "tacki" feel.

Technical Specifications

Weight 50 grams
Core .580

Customer Reviews

Great grip for the money
Can't go wrong with this grip.
Price / Value
Review by Nick / (Posted on 7/11/2018)
Excellent grip
This grip is as good as Golf pride or Winn grip IMO. Very solid feel when you grip and does not slip. Highly recommend this grip.
Price / Value
Review by Bigfish / (Posted on 4/27/2018)

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