Tacki Mac Unified Wrap Non-Tapered Serrated Grip

Tacki Mac Unified Wrap Non-Tapered Serrated Grip


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The Tacki Mac Unified Wrap Serrated is an "arthritic pattern" grip that features the non-tapered profile. The grip pattern and non-taper design used on this grip can lessen the effort exerted to hold on to the club; great for golfers that have arthritis or hand problems. A non-tapered grip is preferred by players who desire the same grip size for both hands for increased feel and control.

This grip will help you grip the club with just the right amount of pressure, avoiding hand strain or a grip that's too tight. Many golfers find that the larger bottom portion of the grip can help increase control as well as provide more power in the swing.

This type of grip is also preferred for golfers that use the Natural Golf swing. Made from high quality thermo plastic rubber for long lasting durability in hot and cold playing conditions.

Technical Specifications

Weight 84 grams
Core .600

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