10 - 1" .355 Taper Tip Silver Ring Iron Ferrules

10 - 1" .355 Taper Tip Silver Ring Iron Ferrules


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This is a package of ten 1" taper tip iron ferrules, with a decorative silver ring. These are ferrules for OEM iron shafts/hosels that are .355 taper tip (All of the iron heads sold on Value Golf are .370 parallel tip heads, although we do sell some .355 taper tip shafts for re-shafting OEM iron heads).

Athough the inside diameter is smaller than ferrules used with parallel tip shafts, the outside diameter is larger. Many OEM iron hosels are .550 or larger outside diameter and a ferrule with a smaller outside diameter can make the build look unprofessional.

These are high quality ferrules with no manufacturing "lumps", like you would find on a lower quality ferrule. These are the highest quality ferrules money can buy. Pre-coned for an epoxy "cushion" to prevent shaft breakage.

Technical Specifications

  • Inside Diameter: 0.355 (9.01mm)
  • Length: 1 inch (25.4mm)
  • Outside Diameter: 0.58 (14.8mm)

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