What our customers say

Hey....just wanted to drop you folks a note regarding the clubs I purchased from you about 2 months ago. I must admit, at first, I thought I'd made a HUGE mistake. I couldn't hit these clubs to save my life. BUT, it's really important to note that I'd played with the same not-so-great clubs for nearly 20 years and I'm a pretty high-handicapper. I almost returned them BUT I thought about and concluded that I was dealing with a transition period where I was becoming accustomed to newer and better clubs. Well, it's been 2--almost 3 months now--and I say without reservation that I love my clubs. I hit the ball better and truer than I ever have. I know my handicap is falling because I'm keeping the ball in play and when I do miss-hit the ball, the clubs will often save me by being far more forgiving than my previous clubs ever were. And those hybrids are just AWESOME. So.....thanks very much for a terrific set of sticks. I'm thrilled and I'm telling lots of people about my experience with Value Golf.
Marc D.