Acer SHM-2 Mallet Putter Head

Acer SHM-2 Mallet Putter Head


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The Acer SHM-2 (short for Simple Harmonic Motion) mallet putter head was designed with counterbalancing in mind. First, the head is heavier than an "average" putter head which raises the "MOI" of the head for added forgiveness. Second, the counterbalancing (be sure to install one of our counterweights when you assemble it; counterweights are sold separately) offsets the head weight and shifts the center of gravity of the putter closer to the player’s hands. This helps the bigger muscles in the upper body to "propel" the putter instead of using the dreaded “wristy” stroke.

Make the SHM-2 putter 3 inches longer than your standard length. You'll also want a longer putter grip; our Winn 15" (red) putter grip fits the bill. The way to putt with this putter is by choking down to your "normal" length so that the counterweight you installed is positioned above the hands and is effective in helping you make a good pendulum-type stroke. This is a neat way to enjoy the benefits that a belly putter has without having to anchor to your body. The SHM-2 features a soft insert and is face balanced. Most say that face balancing is best for a straight-back-straight-through putter stroke.

Buy the recommended shaft, the Apollo 44" Triple Bend Belly Putter Shaft, here!

Technical Specifications

Club Putter
Lie 90°
Weight (grams) 385
Hosel ID .370

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