Acer XS Driver Heads

Acer XS Driver Heads


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Acer XS 10.5° Driver Head Right Handed
Acer XS 10.5° Driver Head LEFT Handed
Acer XS 12° Driver Head LEFT Handed
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Plain Synthetic Leather Driver Headcover
Acer Driver Headcover
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Acer continues to produce some of the finest driver heads available today. The Acer XS Titanium driver head is certainly no exception. It takes driver head technology a step beyond even the super popular XF driver heads. How did Acer do it?

Well, first they made the crown of thehead a bit taller, and the breadth (front to back looking from the top) a little wider, and this gave the XS head it's full-bodied look. They maintained the legal 460cc head volume limit by shortening the 'heel-to-toe' dimension. This shortening lets the head rotate more quickly around the shaft, which makes this head the easiest to square up at impact.

Another improvement was to shed some weight from the crown to lower the center of gravity. This lowering of the center of gravity helps to optimize launch and spin conditions for the average golfer. This helps with getting the best distance.

Next, the face of the head got an upgrade too, and now the sweet spot covers a wider percentage of the face. This was done to acheive an even greater ball velocity at impact, even with a mishit!

This standard version of the XS driver head is made to fit a wide variety of players. The lower lofted (9.5º) version of the head is made with a 1º open face to guard against hooking the ball – this works out best for golfers that prefer a lower lofted head, particularly with the shorter heel to toe profile. The 10.5º and 12º lofts work great for golfers that can benefit from a higher launching head. The traditional shape of the XS head will appeal to the most discerning eyes, but possibly even more important to many is the great muted sound of the head at impact. All in all, this is one head you won't be disappointed with!

Technical Specifications

Loft 9.5° 10.5° 12°
Lie 58° 58° 58°
Weight (grams) 200 200 200
Volume 460cc 460cc 460cc
Options RH RH/LH RH/LH
Hosel Size .335 .335 .335
Face Height (mm) 55 55 55
Face Angle +1.0° Square -1.0°

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