Golf Clubmaking Videos


Prosoft Insert Installation Instructions
This is a video that shows you how to install a Prosoft Vibration Dampening Insert for golf clubs.
Removing Scorch Marks from Golf Heads
This video demonstrates how to remove scorch marks from golf club heads, using a common cleaning abrasive.
Driver Head Extraction from Golf Shaft
Video explaining how to properly extract a golf head.
How to Remove a Golf Grip With Air
Video explaining how to remove a golf grip with an air compressor.
How to Mix Golf Shafting Epoxy
How to properly mix golf shafting epoxy.
How to Grip a Golf Club
How to properly regrip a golf club.
Gripping Golf Clubs with an Air Compressor
Video to show you how to regrip clubs with an air compressor.
Brampton HF-100 Grip Solvent application
The Bramptons HF-100 is the industry standard for grip solvent. Non-flammable and non toxic.