All golfers can benefit from golf clubs suited to their game. We're all different. Some of us are tall, some short, some have large hands, some have higher swingspeeds, etc. Obviously a set of golf clubs bought "off-the-rack" is not going to be ideally suited to every golfer. The best-case scenario for all of us would be to go to a master club fitter and be properly fitted with exactly the best golf equipment for us. But realistically, this may not be possible. It could be beyond our budget, or there might not be expert fitters available in our area. The next best thing is to customize your own clubs! Please be sure to visit our fitting help page for suggestions on what might be best for you. We believe we can supply you with the best quality custom clubs available. Check our testimonials page too for comments from customers of Value Golf that have improved their game and are having more fun golfing with clubs they've purchased from us. That's our goal. To help you improve your game, and even more importantly, to help you really enjoy the time you're able to spend playing golf!