Clone Golf Clubs – What Are They?

A question often asked, and hopefully this article sheds some light on the subject. Clones are something very common in the world today – chances are you’ve seen or use some type of cloned product every day. Just a couple  examples:

Computers: Just about every computer out today is a clone of the original IBM. Remember the cost of the original IBM computers? Not cheap. So an alternative soon followed: less expensive components without the ridiculous mark up combined to make a computer of similar quality at a fraction of the cost. Some of those clone companies even progressed to be their own established brand names, like Dell. Some clone golf companies have become their own established brand too, Nickent for example.

“Compare to” products: No doubt at the grocery store you’ve seen a product that says “Compare to….(brand name)”. Cereal for example. I know personally, because my cholesterol is a little bit high, I started eating Kashi Heart To Heart brand. Not a bad tasting cereal, but expensive at $5.00 a box. Then I discovered Wegmans “Heart Essentials”, which in my opinion actually tasted better, and was half the cost. Guess what I buy now? The same principle applies to golf clubs.

Yes, there are many examples of cloning today, and golf clubs are no different. Many times clone golf clubs are even produced in the same exact factories as Taylor Made, Ping, Callaway and others. In reality there are not that many foundries in the world producing golf clubs, so naturally, they are producing name brand and clone clubs with the same exact materials. The goal of clone golf clubs is to provide quality golf clubs at a fraction of the cost of OEM (name brand).

Is there a such thing as an illegal knock off or an illegal clone golf club? Simply put, yes. If a company tries to intentionally fool or confuse a customer into thinking they bought the brand name, that is illegal. For example, ever hear of the Big Bursar? That was a popular illegal clone that attempted to look exactly like a Callaway Big Bertha, down to the shape, graphics, and ridiculous name. There are some clones like that out there, but thankfully, they are becoming more rare.

At ValueGolf.. we choose and use the finest clone golf club companies on the market, like Acer, Integra, Turbo Power and others. The quality of these club heads have to pass our own rigid inspection process before we consider selling them to the end user. IF they are on our site, you can be sure that we’ve examined them and used them with success. And just check out our testimonials page for customer comments.

Another huge advantage of golf club clones is the ability to custom build them to fit your game. Our next article will consider that….