KBS Tour-V 130 Steel Iron Shafts

KBS Tour-V 130 Steel Iron Shafts


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Spine Align and ferrules INCLUDED for each shaft

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Caution: This is a special "tour weight" shaft, perfect for those very powerful skilled golfers that want the tightest shot dispersion but prefer less ball spin. These tour weight shafts have larger outer diameters and very stable tip sections. You won't find these shafts at many KBS dealers, but if you're that special, stronger golfer looking for shafts like are played on tour, you've come to the right place. These exact shafts are winning shafts on the PGA and Web.com tours!

Again, these Tour-V 130 are a tour issue, heavier weight product that will play stiffer than the Tour-V X-Flex shafts (which are 120 grams). Yes, you read that correctly, stiffer than the Tour-V Extra Stiff flex; and of course these Tour-V 130's are even stiffer than the Tour-V 125's!

The Tour-V 130 is the stiffest shaft KBS makes. If you order these shafts, we want you to know that this shaft was developed to satisfy the increased stiffness and weight required by some stronger tour level golfers.

Technical Specifications

Flex XXX-Stiff
Weight (grams) 130
Kick Point Mid
Butt Dia. .600"
Tip Dia. .355"
Length Discreet


KBS Tour-V 130 Steel Iron Shaft Trim Chart:

These shafts are butt trim only.

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