KBS Tour-V Steel Iron Shafts

KBS Tour-V Steel Iron Shafts


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KBS Tour-V 2 Iron Shaft Regular Flex
KBS Tour-V 3 Iron Shaft Regular Flex
KBS Tour-V 4 Iron Shaft Regular Flex
KBS Tour-V 5 Iron Shaft Regular Flex
KBS Tour-V 6 Iron Shaft Regular Flex
KBS Tour-V 7 Iron Shaft Regular Flex
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Quick Overview

Spine Align and ferrules INCLUDED for each shaft


The KBS Tour-V is a lightweight, low spin shaft that PGA Pros are going gaga over! Phil Mickelson used this exact shaft to win The Open Championship, and he along with other pros have made the switch.

This shaft compliments the KBS line perfectly: it is lighter weight than the original super popular KBS Tour shaft, and it also imparts less spin. Generally, if a light steel iron shaft has one weakness, it’s that it may have a tendency to balloon on the ballstriker. Not so with the Tour-V! Installed in your irons, they will produce a piercing trajectory while allowing for a higher swing speed due to the lighter shaft weight.

Where this shaft really shines however, is the “dispersion”, or the tendency for a ball to drift right or left. KBS says the Tour-V has a whopping 20% tighter dispersion than other shafts. That can make a huge difference in scoring! Iron shaft technology has come a long way since the boring old Dynamic Gold, and it’s time to take advantage and see what it can do for your game.

Technical Specifications

Flex Regular Stiff X-Stiff
Weight (grams) 100 110 120
Kick Point Mid Mid Mid
Butt Dia. .600" .600" .600"
Tip Dia. .355" .355" .355"
Length Discreet Discreet Discreet
Torque 2.1 2.0 1.9


KBS Tour-V Steel Iron Shaft Trim Chart:

These shafts are butt trim only.

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