Pinhawk SLH Hybrids

Pinhawk SLH Hybrids


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The Pinhawk SLH single-length hybrids offer a unique choice in single-length technology for players looking for consistent ball striking. Golfers of all handicaps can benefit by using these hybrids that are specifically designed to all be played at the same length. You also can mix and match the Pinhawk SLH Hybrids with the Pinhawk SL irons if you wish, for example playing 4-7 in the hybrids and 8-LW in the irons, or whatever mix and match system you would like - the swingweight, flex and feel will all be the same! Many players like to use hybrids all the way from 4 to SW and this single length hybrid set is ideal for that too! 

Traditionally in golf irons, each numbered iron is a different length. For instance, a typical 5 iron might be 38 inches long, while the 6 iron in the set is 37 ½ long and successive higher numbered irons would decrease in length. However, in single-length irons--and now with the SLH hybrids--each iron or hybrid in the set is designed to be exactly the same length and have the exact same swingweight and flex, so the golfer only has to “learn” one swing that works for him or her. This enables the golfer’s swing to become more easily repeatable.

Our suggested length for the hybrids is the same as for the Pinhawk SL irons, 37 inches. Our clubbuilders are experts on the single-length concept and have the accredited skills to build a well-balanced set at the length you choose.

The Pinhawk SLH Hybrids are USGA Legal!

To read more in depth about single length technology in general, see the FAQ section of our Pinhawk SL Irons.

Technical Specifications

Club 4 5 6 7 8 9 PW AW SW
Loft 20° 25° 30° 35° 39° 43° 47° 51° 55°
Lie 62.5° 62.5° 62.5° 62.5° 62.5° 62.5° 62.5° 62.5° 62.5°
Volume 108cc 108cc 108cc 108cc 108cc 108cc 108cc 108cc 108cc
Face Progression 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10

Customer Reviews

ordered additional one
Received the SLH # 5 in December along with Pinhawk irons. I liked the #5 so much I ordered the #4. Great service from Value Golf.
Price / Value
Review by KDR / (Posted on 5/25/2017)
If you like the single length concept and you like hybrids you will love these
I have never been worth a dern at hitting any kind of wood hybrids included. I desided to give these a try since I play the pinhawk single length irons. I had some success compared to other hybrids but for me I am more consistent just hitting a 5 iron than the 5 hybrid even though the hybrid will go 10 to 15 yards further when struck properly. But it is great club and value I'm just better with my pinhawk irons.
Dan Little
Price / Value
Review by Dan / (Posted on 5/4/2017)

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