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Pinhawk SL Single Length Irons

Product Review (submitted on November 20, 2017):
Pinhawk SL's are the best myth-busting golf clubs I've ever owned in the past fifty-five years of playing golf. Pro's who've never used them nag about the loss of 'gapping' in single-length irons: that's a complete myth, utterly untrue. Or, they warn against the loss of distance when using single-length irons: another myth! The three 'long' irons (4-6) will only drop a small amount of distance (less than 5%) from your variable length golf clubs, while all four of the short, 'scoring' irons (8-GW) will gain a small amount of distance (again, less than 5%). As for the Pinhawks, they have a great-looking chrome finish and produce a very solid sound at impact. The ball flights are as dead straight compared to my variable length irons (Nike's and Callaway's), and the huge advantage of becoming acclimated to the Pinhawk's only one-length, one-weight, one-offset and one-lie angle overwhelms all the myths of the golf pro's who've never even played with a set of single-length clubs. And finally, if you carefully shop before buying, you'll find the Pinhawks cost less than a SL set of Cobra's, and far less than half of the price of a set of SL Sterling's, or Edel's. I dropped 26 strokes in the year I cut and lengthened my Nike's to one-length; now I'm looking forward to even lower scores next season with a genuine SL set of Pinhawks. Only one very minor criticism: The Pinhawks have the same seven-iron off-set throughout the set; it'd be more rational to have the seven-iron offset on all the long clubs, but a PW's minimal off-set on all the short clubs.