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Pinhawk SL Single Length Irons

Product Review (submitted on October 10, 2018):
I recently received the SL Pinhawk irons from Value Golf. Prior to my purchase I had research extensively the SL varieties from other manufacturers including their philosophies of club design and the physics behind such. Based upon my findings I determined that the Pinhawks were not only the best value but also a time proven design.

The irons arrived on schedule and the quality of the clubs build matched everything that I expected. The build quality is on a par with all of the leading manufacturers that I have owned clubs from.

I have only had the opportunity to play one round with the SL set. Honestly, I have not had difficulty with the SL concept even in the more lofted clubs. I have noticed that in the long irons that my shot dispersion pattern is tighter and I did not have as many errant shots. I have not noticed that yardage gapping is not a problem at all. The one aspect to the SL concept that I have found to be true is the single swing plane is easier to replicate. The reason is on most shots the ball is played from the same position in the stance and the arc of the club is the same throughout the set. I anticipate the more I use the clubs, the more my consistency will improve.

Overall, the clubs will not be magic to your game. But I am confident the added consistency of the swing plane and ball placement will improve my game as well as anyone else's who honestly tries the concept.

Summary: If you are interested in SL clubs, I highly recommend the Pinhawk SL Single Length Irons from Value Golf! Roger