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Pinhawk SL Single Length Iron Heads

Product Review (submitted on May 3, 2017):
Early in the learning process for me but so far I'm very happy with the results. The biggest surprise we're the wedges at full swing. I got more distance due I'm sure to the club length, but not important is the consistent distance. This leaves some issues to chip but i have replaced the sand wedge with a standard version to help there. One negative is the 4 iron was a couple of degrees strong and too low for me to hit. After correcting it flew better but in my case no advantage over the 5 iron (and 5 only 6 yards longer than the 6) so I will be hitting 5,6,7,8,9,P,A,L with conventional 56 and 52, 5wd, 7wd. Now I'm in the five wedge club? Taking out my 3 wood for count may be another blessing.