Acer XB Satin Wedges

Acer XB Satin Wedges


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The Acer XB wedges simply have it all. Classic shape, low to zero offset, a thin top line, narrow sole, and most importantly, a “D” grind. What is a “D” grind, you ask?

It is a 4-way cambered sole, which equals different bounce angles, which allows an almost unlimited amount of different golf shots your have at your disposal. Need to open it up for the Flopodopolous? No problem – you'll drop it stone dead. More comfortable with the bump and run, or the hop twice and screech? This wedge handles all the shots in your arsenal with ease.

Also, where else can you find a wedge that is available in a whopping EIGHT different lofts? From 50 degree, all the way to the forehead hitting 68 degree weapon.

Confused as to which loft to get? Try and find out the loft of your PW, and go up in loft accordingly. PW lofts can vary from 45 to 48 degrees. A good rule of thumb is to have clubs approximately 4 degrees apart. So if you have a 45 or 46 degree PW, you will probably want to go with a 50/54/58 configuration. If you have a 47/48 degree PW, you would want to go 52/56/60. This is just a baseline though, the choice is yours!

Did we mention the drop dead gorgeous appearance? The maintenance free XB Satin finish is amazing – the pictures don't do it justice. Simply put: Style, performance, and versatility all rolled into one.

Best part of all? These wedges conform to the new groove rule. These babies are tournament ready!

Technical Specifications

Club 50° 52° 54° 56° 58° 60° 64° 68°
Loft 50° 52° 54° 56° 58° 60° 64° 64°
Lie 64° 64° 64° 64° 64° 64° 64° 64°
Bounce 10° 12° 14° 14° 12° 12°
Offset (mm) 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 0

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