Acer XK Chipper Head

Acer XK Chipper Head


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We’ve had quite a few requests for a solid chipping head here at Value Golf, and we finally found one that we like.

The Acer XK Chipper head combines the loft of an 8-iron with the weight and lie of a putter. The ultrawide contoured sole glides across either the rough or the close cropped apron surrounding the green.

Gooseneck, over-the-hosel design (one of our regular steel iron or putter shafts will work fine) increases the effective face area and eliminates the possibility of shanking the ball like with an iron. The perfect short game weapon!

Buy the recommended shaft, the Apollo Straight Putter shaft, here!

Technical Specifications

Club Chipper
Loft 37°
Lie 72°
Weight (grams) 331

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