Acer XV Driver Heads

Acer XV Driver Heads


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Acer XV 9.5° Driver Head Right Handed
Acer XV 10.5° Driver Head Right Handed
Acer XV 12° Driver Head Right Handed
Acer XV 14° Driver Head Right Handed
Acer XV 9.5° Driver Head LEFT Handed
Acer XV 10.5° Driver Head LEFT Handed
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The Acer XV Driver Head is a technologically advanced and versatile driver head that will suit players of all skill levels. It is a re-design of the popular (and great performing) XF Driver head with premium performance features added to make this Acer's most advanced driver head ever.

This head has a classic appearance, but has a lot of functionality with the addition of the "Power Chamber" sole, the Gravity Port, and a CNC milled crown. The new "Power Chamber" (speed pocket) increases energy transfer to the ball (creating higher ball speeds possible over a greater portion of the face) while the Gravity Port allows for fine-tuning of swingweight for different shaft weights, balance points or custom assembly lengths. Weight screws are sold separately here. The stock weight screw is 7 grams and all you need to change it is a common 4mm allen wrench.

The Acer XV driver head features Acer's lightest ever all-titanium crown. The bottom of the crown goes through a CNC milling process in non-stress areas to remove excess weight that is then repositioned strategically within the head for optimal performance. Nice non-glare matte finish crown. Great solid sound at impact. You won't find a better performing driver head anywhere, at any price!

Technical Specifications

Loft 9.5° 10.5° 12° 14°
Lie 58° 58° 58° 58°
Weight (grams) 200 200 200 200
Volume 460cc 460cc 460cc 460cc
Hosel Size .335 .335 .335 .335
Face Height (mm) 55 55 55 55
Face Angle Square -1.0° -1.0° -1.0°

Customer Reviews

Best Driver nobody has heard of...YET.
This head has the best sound and feel of any head made in recent years. Originally bought one for my 12 year old for the versatility of weight, high loft and value. I of course had to take a couple swipes with her driver and was amazed by the feel from the pop the head had. I was playing a Ping G30 at the time which is a super club but the XV I built for myself just left it obsolete. Beat it in every way. Of course you've got to get the shaft right but if you know of one that works you owe it to yourself to try the XV. Get the extra weights and dial it in.
Price / Value
Review by Theclubdoc / (Posted on 5/19/2017)

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