Acer XV Ultimate Thriver Head

Acer XV Ultimate Thriver Head


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The Acer XV Ultimate Thriver head results in near-driver distance with the control of a fairway wood. Year after year, one of Acer's thrivers have been among our hottest selling heads. Here are some reasons to consider the XV Ultimate Thriver head:

  • Spring Face COR right up to the legal limit for more distance
  • Shorter, more controllable length for great consistency
  • Adjustable weighting if optional weight is purchased
  • Large, confidence building volume
  • Lower loft than some thrivers to increase roll and overall distance

Why do many golfers miss the fairway on their tee shot? Two main reasons; one is that the length of the club is too long and the other reason is that the club itself is too light. Drivers today are longer in length and lighter weight than even a short few years ago. Why the trend?

So that one can potentially swing the club faster and get a little more distance. But that is only possible if the ball is struck solidly in the center of the face that is square to the target line. That's great for a touring pro with a solid repeatable swing. For the average golfer it is a recipe for a disastrous drive.

The Acer XV Ultimate Thriver Head is a full 10 to 20 grams heavier than a normal driver head to allow from anywhere between 1 to 2 inches shorter for a more controllable playing length. Plus with more weight in the head it will transfer more momentum to the ball and help with developing a better swing tempo.

This thriver has reduced loft from Acer's previous thrivers (12º) to produce approximately the same launch angle as a standard 10.5º driver.

It also has the "gravity port" which allows the clubmaker or player to tweak the weight if desired. Weight screws are sold separately here. The stock weight screw is 7 grams and all you need to change it is a common 4mm allen wrench.

Technical Specifications

Loft 12°
Lie 59°
Weight (grams) 215
Volume 460cc
Options RH/LH
Hosel Size .335
Face Height (mm) 56
Face Angle Square

Customer Reviews

Helped me greatly
This head did the trick for me. Straightened my tee shot and finds the short grass more often- no loss of distance-great ides.
Value Golf was very fast in shipping.
Price / Value
Review by david / (Posted on 5/24/2017)
Great head
This head improved my drive greatly. My 70 year old body is not what it used to be.This head straightened my drive and brought back the 10 yards I lost from last year.
Price / Value
Review by david / (Posted on 5/20/2017)

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